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White bathroom furniture cabinets at 40% off RRP

White bathroom furniture cabinets at 40% off RRP

We offer a stunning collection of white bathroom furniture in a wide range of door styles. No matter whether you are after gloss or matt white bathroom cabinets you will find what you want here at Paramount Bathrooms.

The ranges we offer our bathroom cabinets in white in the Le mans range, Monaco, acrylic, painted solid wood and Brittany. This has always been our best selling colour due to its' neutral tones that blend in with almost any colour tile and worktop from dark to light.

We sell our white bathroom vanity ranges in a variety of door types. Let's look at them in a bit more detail:

Monaco - Sold in a vinyl wrapped door or as a painted white solid Oak door. The vinyl door comes in both a matt and a gloss finish.

Le mans - A slab gloss vinyl wrapped style.

Brittany - Currently our best selling range and the white ranges are avaialble in both matt and gloss.

Acrylic - A very smooth shiny door which acts like a mirror to the light. You can create some stunning effects with this door.

We have every unit available in all the different door style we have listed above and the laminate vanity ranges are in price group 1 and the solid wood and acrylic ranges in price group 2. If you would like us to draw you some 3 dimensional CAD drawings to show you what your new white bathroom furniture will look like in your bathroom, including the right colour floor and wall tiles, then click on the "free room plan" icon at the top of the page and we will turn the images around within 24 hours.

White over coloured

Bathrooms and the cabinets in them have become some of the most important aspects of their interior designs and consequently, millions of homeowners nowadays are giving their proper decoration top priority. Many homeowners have made white bathroom furniture their favorite choice in terms of color choice even though there are a wide variety of options that is available because it is ideal for bathroom cabinetry.

Dark colors usually make the space in the bathrooms to look confined by closing in on it while white creates an impression of space hence the popularity of bathroom furniture white among homeowners. White makes it possible for cabinets to create the aforementioned impression even if the walls in the bathrooms are not white or any light color and in effect, it makes them to appear bigger by opening up the space.

Although homeowners can change every other element of their bathrooms, it is important for them to use bathroom furniture white because it has several advantages such as the ability to remain trendy for longer. White bathroom furniture, which usually remains in touch with others by creating a refreshing mood that is very crucial in bathrooms, has a wide range of compatibility and hence homeowners should give it top priority even when they use any type of granite or tile for their floors.

The need to have the most relaxing bathroom has caused people across the globe to customize their bathrooms with white rather than coloured. There is something unique about white color in the sense that it is universally accepted as a symbol of peace and harmony. This implies that nearly every person can purchase white bathroom furniture because they are designed and made with a universal application in mind. It is reported that when you use this type, it is capable of improving the personality of your bathroom.

However, in order to achieve this goal, you need to ensure that the color and style of your room including framed mirrors match the decor of your bathroom. One most striking thing about white bathroom furniture is that it is not only durable but also captures the contemporary trends. You do not have to worry about the incoming new styles and designs because it is able to stand the test of time in terms of any likely trend that is to come. People who have used these pieces of furniture claim that no other furniture beats their quality and style because of the innovation and creativity that have been employed.