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What are the different types of bathroom furniture?

What are the different types of bathroom furniture?

Bathroom furniture

Bathroom furniture can come in various shapes and forms. Here we assembled a guide to help you choose which furniture is best for you or if furniture in your bathroom is not really the answer. A lot depends on the shape and size of your bathroom and also what type of look you are trying to achieve.

Fitted bathroom furniture

This style is where all the units are put together in a run with a continuous worktop and plinth fitted to make it look as though the units are 'as one'. You can generally have up to 2.5 metres of plinth or worktop to play with and this is normaly more than enough for a standard size bathroom. The units that make up a run of fitted bathroom furniture can be put in any configoration that suits your bathroom. If you need to go round a corner then you just need to install a corner unit and get the worktop mitred to make a seamless join on the worktop.

Solid wood bathroom furniture

Due to the nature of real wood in a bathroom a lot of people are put off by the sound of this but it is not a problem. The doors are made out of real wood but are treated to make them 100% waterproof. It sounds expensive but it really is not and you can create a stunning looking bathroom with solid wood doors. The most popular look to go for with real wood bathroom furniture is the traditional style as these doors really complement this.

Gloss bathroom furniture

If you want a really contemporary look then gloss bathroom furniture is the one to go for. You can get a variety of colours from the ever popular gloss white to the ultra chic black gloss. If you want something a little different then what about aubergine or Walnut. The doors may be glossy but the carcasses' are generally a matt finish as it is very difficult to manufacture and transport large gloss items without them getting damaged. The fronts of the doors are protected with a sheen to help make them practical in everyday use as scratches would ruin the look of your new bathroom furniture very rapidly.

Bathroom furniture manufacturers

Due to the high cost of labour nearly all bathroom furniture is manufactured abroad these days, especially in China. This has had an adverse effect on the quality of the items due to lack of skilled workers and the amount of times the product has been handled from manufacture to installation. The best known bathroom furniture companies in the U.K. are Symphony, Atlanta and Shades. Although they are U.K. registered companies nearly all the production process is abroad. We are proud that at Paramount Bathrooms we still manufacture all our bathroom furniture products in the U.K.

Bathroom vanity units

A bathroom vanity unit is a unit that incorporates a basin of some description. It could be a semi recessed basin, sit on basin or a fully inset basin. The modern way is a semi recessed basin where the basin is half on and half in a vanity unit. The traitional method is to have the basin fully inserted into a vanity unit. You can buy just a vanity unit combination as a stand alone unit and not part of a run of units.

Freestanding bathroom furniture

The name gives this style of bathroom furniture away. Instead of a run of units put together this style is for single units. You could have a basin unit with a basin on one side of the room and a freestanding toilet on the other. This style of furniture normally has a basin that replaces the worktop and spans the whole width and depth of the basin unit rather than cutting the basin into a worktop.