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What are the best colours for a contemporary kitchen

What are the best colours for a contemporary kitchen

Bright blocks of colour and straight runs of units make this kitchen truly contemporary.


One contemporary kitchen designer celebrates the style of the innovative and highly original Scottish designer and architect, Charles Rennie Mackintosh, with his interpretation of a 'Mackintosh' kitchen.

Every few years there is a trend in interior design which, as with fashion, filters from the leading designers through to the high street. Over the last two decades, we have seen a Victorian revival and the return of the country interior. But this has now

made way for a new and refreshing trend that incorporates the bright and confident use of colour and clean, simple lines. It is the return of the streamlined and hi-tech contemporary interior. The word `contemporary' is described in the dictionary as being of the same age or era, which simply means this style is current or of this period. So by its very nature, contemporary design includes a number of up-to-date styles, including the clean, modern look that is now so popular. Choosing to decorate your kitchen in a contemporary way gives you a wide design spectrum to work within, along with the opportunity of being creative and individual.

If you are planning a contemporary kitchen, you may wish to choose blocks of bright, plain colours incorporated into highly glossed kitchen units, or modular wooden furniture teamed with chrome and modern plastics. Whatever you choose, this style enables you to use bold colour with confidence.