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Wall hung bathroom furniture from Paramount Bathrooms

Wall hung bathroom furniture from Paramount Bathrooms

Stunning wall hung bathroom furniture ranges and the different units available

Wall-hung furniture is already a popular choice with our customers as it delivers the modem contemporary style that so many people look for today. lt simply needs the installer and retailer to understand the installation process. Retailers also need to ensure the customer is aware of the importance of discussing their bathroom requirements fully with their installer prior to installation. This paves the way for a much smoother installation and should help mitigate any unexpected problems and expenses, which would otherwise pop up along the way.

Customers really should not be put off from their final vision with regard to a particular style or design aspiration, chosen with the retailer. With a little imagination, most bathroom designs are possible, it just needs some thought and forward planning - something a good installer will be happy to do for their client and a retailer should be able to support. As bathrooms are a major investment in the home, and not something that is changed every season, the finished bathroom ought to be exactly as the customer has requested.

Wall hanging accessories

Opt for wall-hung rather than freestanding bathroom accessories, as these may be knocked over if positioned on a shelf, countertop or basin. Or they may not even be within reach when needed. A well-positioned toilet roll holder, soap dish or dispenser can prevent users stretching or bending, which could be troublesome for people with reduced mobility.

Wall mounted suites

Instead of opting for a taller WC pan or built- up seat, designers can look to using wall-hung WCs and matching basins which can be set at a suitable heigh for the user. They can be positioned at a higher level for older people who may have restricted movement when sitting. Wall-hung suites are also advantageous when cleaning the bathroom, as they are raised off the floor and can make a room appear more spacious.

All of the wall hung bathroom furniture that we make is delivered fully made up with drawers and doors fitted to make the installation job much easier than with most other companies wall hung bathroom cabinets