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Traditional wooden kitchens

Traditional wooden kitchens

I have a particular love of what are best called personally styled rooms. These are rooms that have been decorated to create a traditional wooden kitchen look which does not fall into a particular style or period but simply portrays the designers or clients personality and individual taste.

Occasionally, a leading designer will create a particular traditional wooden kitchen look that then starts a trend. It is very difficult to analyse what makes this type of traditional wooden kitchen room successful, as by its very nature it does not fall into any one category. Sometimes there is no specific reason for the individual elements combining to create a pleasing traditional wooden kitchen - they just do.

The room featured here is just such an example. traditional wooden kitchen rustic pine has been combined with Victorian-style painted traditional wooden kitchen furniture to create a unique traditional wooden kitchen. The strongest elements in the traditional wooden kitchen are the crimson-painted base and wall units in the centre of the far wall; the additional units look almost incidental by their side. The mock dresser, made especially striking by using a brilliant brick red paint, is the focal point of the room, as it would be in a more traditional wooden kitchen. The continuous traditional wooden kitchen work- tops also link the various coloured base units effectively to create a sense of unity.

The result is a totally fitted traditional wooden kitchen, but because of the variations in colours and textures, it has the eclectic atmosphere of an unfitted one. It is a good example of a traditional wooden kitchen that combines the old and the new in an understated way.

This type of traditional wooden kitchen would work especially well in a country cottage where the occupier feels comfortable with all styles of traditional furniture. It would look equally good in a town house if the occupant has a love for country simplicity and is looking for a style that blends in with the architecture of a period home.