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Traditional medicine cabinets

Traditional medicine cabinets

Traditional medicine cabinets, which help in the killing of two birds with one stone when combined with shaving mirrors, usually take up very little bathroom storage space especially when homeowners put them up above the basin and for this reason; their installation provides the easiest way for cleaning up the clutter.

Towel racks, storage cupboards and vanity sets, which are available in a wide range of materials and finishes, also provide viable bathroom storage options that enable homeowners to meet their storage needs and budgets and hence they should give them some thought.

Bathroom storage cabinet

A bathroom storage cabinet, which is usually available at both cheap and cheerful as well as outrageously expensive prices, is a godsend for millions of homeowners especially those who like neat and orderly bathrooms since it is specially designed to add a touch of style to ordinary bathrooms.

Although there is a wide range that is available in the market today, the Bauhaus bathroom storage cabinet from the Bauhaus collection has proven to be the most popular because it enhances the look of bathrooms owing to its contemporary style. This storage cabinet, which has a cupboard with two doors and an open cubby shelf on the top that enables homeowners to store their shampoo or any decorative item, is made by using strong hollow boards. This storage cabinet is very smart yet it is inexpensive as compared to the other types.

The closest competitor to the Bauhaus storage cabinet is the Greek bathroom storage cabinet, which has a classical look that combines with the contemporary that fits in any modern bathroom and the ability to add a touch of ancient style. This storage cabinet provides plenty of room for towels or toiletries since it is made from MDF and it has metal hardware. In addition, it is specially designed to match any bathroom curtains since it is white in color and it has a glass door with a Greek key molding.