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Timeless Monochrome Kitchens

Timeless Monochrome Kitchens

The creators of the new kitchen range monochrome Kutchenhaus described as "lifestyle in a pure state." With sleek lines and high gloss in the range of new glass is sure to be a hit with lovers of today's modern kitchen.

In black and white has always been a popular choice for home in many ways, because of its timeless appeal. The cuisines range launched in black and white can be tailor-made for the client in black, white or a mixture of amusement of the two.

Norman Parker Kutchenhaus Director General said: "When you combine our fresh smart ergonomics in black or white glow, just get that feel kitchens, spacious, bright and clear. Our range monochrome new snapshot will appeal to any homeowner wishing a kitchen that combines intelligent use of space, with the appearance of a wow factor.

"Two of my personal favorites in the range kitchens Glassline, which as its name implies uses intelligent high-tech materials to give an appearance of glass, which is also extremely durable. Then there is the Pure, which is a handle-free kitchen that lacquered looks very impressive, pure white. The ultra high brightness used in these two styles made of more durable materials and minor scratches can simply be rubbed away. "

The range of cuisines that are available now can be seen as a village lifestyle full set Kutchenhaus superstores based in Manchester, Chester, York and Glasgow and Hull soon.

Planning perfect for kitchens

A key element of this series and indeed the whole collection is its use Kutchenhaus deep ergonomic aspects in their kitchens. Its team of designers to watch as each client's life to ensure the final cooking will be good for them.

Factors such as individual tastes, health issues, organization and comfort during the day to day tasks play a key role in any kitchen design. They believe that the kitchen is a decision that will have to live for a long time, so it has to be right.

Cooking Kutchenhaus have offered a new extension to the height of the unit since the end of last year, which was very popular. Norman continues: "The height of kitchen units has always been the norm in the past, but why should he? The people of different heights, may have back or other health problems, so that a unit that is below or above could be an ideal solution.

"I would suggest that any client of the question, the active height is right for me?"

One of the popular results of new kitchen units rigid the extra storage capacity, in units, by means of a few centimeters, customers can have up to 20% additional storage space, a compact kitchen that can make a big difference.

The world number one for the kitchen

Kutchenhaus have had great success this year with the opening of its New York store. Belonging to the manufacturer of the world's largest kitchen Nobilia means that plans to open more stores quickly very quickly. Established since 1946, Nobilia has the capacity to produce over 2,200 kitchens every day factory of its 1.2 million square feet located in Germany, which clearly puts them in a unique position compared to their British competitors.

Kutchenhaus want to change the face of retail in the kitchen in the UK completely, following the model of German cuisine, which has proven to be one of the most successful in the world.

An average kitchen Kutchenhaus sold at around �7,000 to �8000 and includes appliances, plus more time and money can be saved in the installation as rigid building units come directly from the factory.

Every kitchen has been designed and built specifically for each client, so all that is best about a bespoke service until an affordable price.