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The options for your new range oven

The options for your new range oven

All types of ranges come in a variety of configurations: free- standing, slide-in and drop-in. Freestanding ranges have finished side panels, so one or both sides can be exposed. Slide-in ranges are designed to fit into the space between two base cabinets, and so have unfinished sides.

Drop-in ranges fit into special cabinets that are finished to match surrounding cabinets.

DoubIe-oven Ranges

If you often find yourself juggling to bake one dish and broil another or to bake dishes at different temperatures and still have the whole meal ready at once, a double-oven range may be the perfect solution. You can expect a double-oven range to be more expensive than a comparable single-oven model, but the additional convenience can be well worth the investment.

Professional-style Ranges

A popular trend in kitchen appliances is professional - style ranges that have been modified for residential use. These ranges offer most of the cooking power and oven capacity of commercial units, but they are designed to be operated safely in a home kitchen. If you select this type of range, make the decision during the early stages of your remodeling project-you�ll need to plan ahead for the additional size and ventila- tion requirements.

Special Additions

Consider ranges that offer extras, such as a modular cooktop that allows you to easily substitute a grill or griddle plate for a set of burners. Depending on the lay-out of the kitchen, you may also need to purchase a unit with a built-in downdraft vent. And if you entertain fre- quently or your mealtimes are often staggered, you may find a warming drawer particularly useful. This unit, which replaces the storage drawer at the bottom of the range, keeps prepared food warm for up to two hours.