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The different types of kitchen styles

The different types of kitchen styles

Classical-style kitchens are defined by their precise aesthetic with panelled cabinets in the upper and lower parts of the work zone. Light-toned woods help to re-create a style which respects tradition. It is important not to over - load the area, since the kitchen should be, above all, a very practical and comfortable space so as to be able to work freely.

Solid wood cabinets may be elected, though veneered furnishings are more common in kitchens given the fact that they are lighter and more economical. Nowadays, purely classical cabinets with an elegant aesthetic are manufactured, though more contemporary designs may also be included in this style. Among these types of kitchens, the ones that utilise very innovative materials stand out for the incorporation of very light- coloured materials (e.g., white veneers and laminations) or combined with glass. Cabinets with shelves and glass enhance this style, as do panelled doors. Coverings for floors and walls are very useful in denying the classical style of a kitchen.

The use of light-toned wooden slats for floor surfaces and ceramic tiles for walls offer very good results. A marble or granite countertop gives the work zone a classical and elegant appearance. Classical sinks, fixtures, and extractor hoods highlight this style, as do refined appliances. Light materials are good for the utility room, the walls of which may be painted with light colours or covered with wallpaper. Even decorative friezes are an option.