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Special kitchen planning skills

Special kitchen planning skills

Finishing touches, such as adjusting cabinet doors and hardware and filling nail holes on woodwork are normally done by a carpenter, but you can do this work yourself. This also gives you a chance to inspect the work and bring any problems to the attention of the contractor before you make your final payment. Cleanup is an ongoing job that can save you a surprising amount of money:

When negotiating bids with kitchen contractors, offer to take care of the cleanup in exchange for a reduced fee. When the project is under way; plan to do some cleanup work almost every day: If you expect large amounts of refuse, have a dumpster on site. Otherwise, check with your local waste removal provider for any restrictions on the disposal of construction waste.

Use Your Specialised Skills

If you have considerable kitchen experience performing some of the more technical kitchen remodelling jobs, such as carpentry, plumbing and wiring, you may choose to do these tasks yourself. However, keep the following points in mind: First, make sure you're qualified to do the work properly Building inspectors will carefully scrutinise any work you do yourself so you'll need to demonstrate that you know exactly what you're doing. ln addition, sub- standard work on any step of the project can undermine the work of your subcontractors. For example, you can't hold your drywall contractor accountable for bad results if you're the one responsible for framing crooked walls. Finally, schedule extra time for any work you're doing yourself. Although a licensed electrician can easily wire a kitchen in an afternoon, an experienced do-it-yourselfer may need two or three days to complete the same job. Be realistic about your abilities, limitations and available time.

Think Twice About These Jobs

There are some jobs such as finishing woodwork, hanging drywall or installing vinyl sheet flooring that looks like do-it- yourself projects until you realize that the fees involved are extremely reasonable compared to the time, effort and frustration involved in doing it yourself, For example, a £500 fee for drywall installation and finishing sounds like a great bargain to anyone who's ever spent eight miserable days trying to get it right. The fees of vinyl flooring installers are similarly reasonable, especially since they have the tools and skills to do the job very quickly.

Finishing kitchens woodwork is also more time-consuming and difficult than most people realise and it can be hazardous as well, since the vapours may be toxic and flammable. If possible, leave this work to a professional. Hanging wallpaper and installing ceramic tile are two more tasks that can be extremely time-consuming and frustrating for a nonprofessional. If your project includes these jobs, you may find that hiring professional help is well worth the expense.