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Space Saving Tips For a Small Kitchen

Space Saving Tips For a Small Kitchen

Some of us are unfortunately stuck with a kitchenette, inefficient, out of storage space and without any personality. If you have this problem and a tight budget, these tips will help you make the most of a small kitchen and brighten the room.

The lack of storage space is often cited by property owners as the reason they do not like your kitchen. New kitchen cabinets can be very expensive though. A less expensive option is to buy a free standing cabinet or two to add additional space. You can find cheap wardrobes department stores. To give his real personality of the kitchen, try second hand or thrift stores. Just paint an old cabinet to match your decor, or go with a new set of vibrant color. Try to paint the doors of a different color than the cabinet for a unique look.

A new coat of paint color of light will make a small kitchen appear bigger and brighter. This is one of the easiest and quickest ways to change the look of a room. Cheap blackboard paint is a great alternative to a dull space too. A chalk-colored low-cost, one color for each family member, and no one lose a message again. Paint a large area with chalkboard paint and write important messages in big letters. It is a great way to personalize a kitchen and have fun at the same time.

Use plastic containers of low-cost storage to make the best use of limited storage cabinets for food. Not only can you stack containers, food will stay fresh for a longer period of time. Incorporate as many space-saving devices as possible in their cabinets. Buy or make a pot rack to hang economic pots and pans on the stove. Move items you do not use often, like Christmas dishes to another room if possible.

If the kitchen floor is in good shape, dark or boring, try low-cost self-stick tiles. In general, you can place an existing tile floor. You simply peel off the paper and place on a clean floor. You can even cut with scissors to fit. Consider a plain white or glossy black and backed the use of rubber mats to add touches of color. A tile of pictures in black and white with a red carpet, for example, is bright and cheerful.

A few bucks and a little imagination can change the fourth boring kitchen, small in a bright and cheerful the whole family can enjoy.