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Solid wood bathroom furniture|UK made

Solid wood bathroom furniture|UK made

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We offer a unique collection of solid wood bathroom furniture, made from real oak at internet only prices. We have a choice of 2 different solid wood doors and the option of having them finished as the natural wood colour or as a hand painted finish. This is available in white, cream and powder blue. All of which make your bathroom furniture individual just to you.

All of our solid real wood bathroom furniture cames as either fitted or free standing. Our range is second to none and unlike a lot of manufacturers we don't hike up the price just because it is real wod or hide our prices online. We ar every up front with pricing as we know that you will not find a better range, choice of units or quality fitted or free standing solid wood bathroom furniture anywhere else on the internet.

We make it all ourselves in the UK and can make you one off special units if there is nothing in our standard range that suits your needs. Just ask us for a price.

The beauty of Oak

These are often made using different kinds of materials may it be ceramics, granite, or wood. But some people prefer to have modular bathroom furniture oak because of this woods characteristics and durability. Oakwood gives an elegant but traditional style when used correctly. Choices range from bathroom furniture oak vanities, to shelves for storage. Manufacturers see to it, that they only produce this furniture using high quality Oak bathroom furniture and processed it using the latest technology to improve its useful life. There are also custom made units, using only the traditional method to suit the customers preferences. That is why there are still a lot of people who choose this kind of material not only for their en-suite, but also for other rooms of their home. Although sometimes the price is a little bit higher than other furniture, this can be an investment for you that can last for a long period of time.

Remodeling your bathroom and changing the styles often is a waste of time and money. With solid Oak units for your bathroom, you can have great style and design made durable and affordable for your needs. Try to check the price at your local depot stores and online sites so that you can compare the prices to ours. You will be impressed.