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Small kitchen

A small kitchen demands an intelligent arrangement in order to take maximum advantage of a limited amount of available space. lt is thus essential to achieve practical angles, columns, and corners. If a complete renovation is not possible, there are certain practical tricks that can be used. For example, sliding doors create space and permit the unification or separation of environments, given the necessities of the moment. Shelves or small cabinets to store utensils may be placed in corners or "dead zones."

Most important, the kitchen must always be organised and permit easy movement regardless of limited surface area. Selecting fittings appropriate for this sort of kitchen is essential. Utilising customised furniture is a good solution. Selecting auxiliary modules or furniture pieces with wheels is also a versatile option given that they can be moved, thus allowing space to be opened up when necessary. These pieces may be placed on the work table or utility room table. The best alternative is to make use of walls to situate floor and ceiling cabinets (the latter may even reach the ceiling) in order to have enough storage space.

Choosing light-colored furniture is wise for small kitchens since they make space seem larger. Any imaginative solution is appropriate, such as utilising the space between steps in a set of stairs to store small items, hanging shelves from the ceiling to store cookbooks or work utensils, or making use of the kitchen sink for essentials while cooking. There are domestic appliances of reduced size, extendable exhaust hoods that occupy little space, and sinks and fixtures of simple design, all of which are ideal for this type of kitchen.