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Sleek contemporary kitchens

Sleek contemporary kitchens

The modern kitchen was born when the icebox gave way to the refrigerator in the first part of this century, and by the 1950s had become a sleek, if antiseptic, space. Todays kitchen is better equipped than ever, but it does not have to sacrifice atmosphere or style for efficiency. While its technology delivers first-class service to the myriad needs of contemporary families, it can still be as personal and inviting as every other room in the house. With economy of design, the contemporary kitchens converts normally "dead" space into innovative, usable work and storage areas.

Materials like thin but durable laminates and the development of Eurostyle flush-mounted cabinets with concealed hinges and touch-latch closures have played a major role in giving kitchens a seamless, "fitted" look. White is the color of choice, but to avoid what could be construed as a lack of warmth, natural light is maximized via skylights and reflective surfaces like ceramic tile, stainless steel, and glass.

Even with its high degree of organization and coordinated appearance, contemporary kitchen design leaves plenty of room for homeowners to personalize the scheme. By using different surfaces such as tile, vinyl, plastic laminates, wood, marble, and granite in the same palette, and introducing bold touches of color in a backsplash design, a cheerful pottery collection, or even a few potted plants - sleek contemporary can be as warm and inviting as it is cool and efficient.