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Seats in bathrooms

Seats in bathrooms

A seat every bathroom and bath should have a seat of some sort. You may be the type of person who likes to retreat to the bathroom and read the newspaper in peace and comfort, and if yours is a large bathroom, a chaise-longue - perhaps made of cane with towelling-covered cushions can be provided tor you. But even it the room is of a less lavish order and you just want to perch for a few moments whilst you cut your toe-nails, this should be possible. Mention has already been made of low-level boxing-in used to form a seat. Another could be contrived from wooden slats along part of a wall, perhaps bridging a gap between other fixtures, and a bench seat could also be made it there is space at one end of the bath.

Medicine cupboard

There should be a separate and lockable medicine cupboard. Do not, for safety reasons, have your medicines shoved into a corner of the general storage cupboard. lf there are small children in the family, the cupboard should ideally be at a high level, out of their reach. Towel rails - Every bathroom needs at least one towel rail, and its situation should be thought about during the initial planning stages. Do not make the mistake of putting it (or them) more than an arm's length away from where it will be used. lf you have ever, in an unfamiliar bathroom, groped for a non-existent towel with soap in your eyes and dripping hands, you will know what I mean. So have one towel rail near the washbowl and - if they are not immediately adjacent one near the bath and shower. lf possible, towel rails should also be near a heat source such as a radiator or warm air outlet so that the towels dry quickly.

Towel rails

Heated towel rails (usually oil-filled) perform this function satisfactorily and often provide the only form of heating in a very small bathroom. Other possibilities are an old-fashioned, free-standing wooden rail, a wooden pole mounted the length of one wall or wall-mounted rings. With all the planning done on paper beforehand, the likelihood of bad errors in the arrangement of your bathroom is much reduced. You will not end up with a wash bowl which is so large it dominates a tiny space, or with a bidet so tightly squeezed in it is impossible to use.