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Scale drawings for bathroom storage

Scale drawings for bathroom storage

lt is a good idea when you are replanning your room to make a scale drawing of the size and shape available. Cut out shapes of the equipment you want to fit in and work out in this basic way whether it is all feasible. Several manufacturers brochures contain scale cut-outs of their wares, which is a help. You may find that the shower tray or bidet you had coveted but thought too bulky will just go in or, sadly, that it won't. But this scaled- down paperwork will give you irrefutable evidence one way or the either.

Concealing the pipes

When you are replanning the room, consider also the visual implications of what you are doing. lt may be that the place was festooned with pipes when you started and that you are adding one or two more. Possibly you like that effect? l once saw a bathroom in a rented flat where the occupants were not prepared to spend too much money on remedial work and they had simply turned adversity to advantage by painting the liberal quantity of pipes with which that bathroom was endowed in a profusion of brilliant colours. Fun, but not everyone's choice.

Pipes collect dirt, they need to be decorated each time the room is, and in most cases are best hidden. Work out your methods at the planning stage. Pipes can be concealed behind built-in cupboards and certainly within one of the systems of built-in units mentioned in the previous chapter. Horizontal pipes can be boxed in and the resulting protrusion forms seating if it is at a low level, or a shelf if it is at waist height.

Vertical pipes can be lost within full-height bathroom storage. Or it is sometimes simpler to make a timber stud and plasterboard partition wall which screens off the whole of one side of a room with its disfiguring pipes and the lavatory cistern. A depth of 6 in (150 mm) is generally sufficient, certainly if one of the special slimline cisterns is used. If you have inherited the pipes you may need ingenuity and effort to lose them, but if the planning is your own, ensure that you have as few as possible contained as closely as possible, and then your problems will be diminished. Here are some examples of the ways in which various pipes likely to be found in a bathroom can be enclosed.