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Rustic kitchens

Rustic kitchens

Rustic kitchens recreate a rural and natural living style. Solid wood fittings in natural colors or darker tones are most appropriate for this type of kitchen, though veneered fittings are used more often nowadays. Also appropriate are furnishings painted blue, white, and green. Rustic cabinet doors include panels covered in wood, glass, or chicken wire. Another good option is work pieces in the lower areas of the kitchen, typical in rural homes, which may be decorated with restored doors or checkered curtains with flounces. With regard to coverings, good ideas for the walls are utilizing white ceramic tile, restoring stone or brick walls, or applying paints that offer an irregular finish.

Old-style kitchens in which half of the wall was tiled so as to cover the work zone (the area exposed to the most wear and tear) and the rest painted may also be imitated. For floors, clay tiles or wide wooden slats are ideal. Restored wooden beams, even painted, are good for ceilings. There is a variety of antique furniture that fits in perfectly with this type of kitchen: work tables (large tables used to prepare meals), auction cupboards (large glass cupboards to store crockery), brass handles or old fixtures that can be combined with porcelain details. Today, many kitchens combine antique elements and cutting edge fittings with aesthetically pleasing results. Details such as old decorative guides with saucepans and pans, shelves with spice bottles, or wicker boxes contribute to achieving the necessary warmth.