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Roca bathrooms and the available products

Roca bathrooms and the available products

Showers of adjustable height can be used by both adults and children, but if one fixed position for the shower is acceptable the plumbing can be concealed in the wall with controls set at a convenient height. Combined bath/shower mixer tap units from Roca bathrooms generally have a flexible shower hose that can be fitted to sockets at different heights.

Thermostatic shower controls ensure water at the correct temperature without the need to balance the hot and cold water supply to the shower via the taps. They are also an important safeguard against scalding where children are concerned. The usual method of protecting the rest of the room from splashes of water from the shower is to have a curtain made from a suitable material- generally plastics or glass fibre. The bathroom must be planned so that it is somewhere for the shower curtain to tuck away tidily when not in use. As an alternative to a curtain, a glass screen can be fitted to one end of the bath at the side.

Some Roca bathrooms shower screens hinge to give better access to the taps and for cleaning, in which case the wall next to the bath must be free from obstructions. A screen will often look neater than a curtain when it is hinged in this way but if it cannot be fitted in, a fixed screen can be used in conjunction with bath taps cited independently of the shower control - on the side of the bath or on a side wall, for example. If there is enough space for one, a separate, step-in shower is ideal because it will provide more space for manoeuvre and easier access.

Such a fitting can either be in the form of a complete, ready-made shower compartment or a purpose-built unit based on a proprietary shower tray. Shower cubicles can have either a curtain or a glass door to minimise splashing; in the latter case, some form of ventilation will be required, perhaps with an extractor fan and ceiling duct which will help to ventilate the rest of the bathroom.

The new addition to the range of Roca bathroom suites should really sell well and we are very excited about how they will sell. They are without a doubt one of the best makes around.