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Rearranging the plumbing to suit bathroom cabinets

Rearranging the plumbing to suit bathroom cabinets

lt may be, though, that what you have in mind, indeed what your existing bathroom cabinets desperately needs, is some radical alteration, perhaps involving entirely new equipment. This is when you will want to investigate the existing plumbing and pipe runs in order to assess the possibilities. Anything is possible. It existing water pipes enter the room at one side but you would like to move the bath and wash bowl to the other, you can do so by running the pipes under the floor to emerge in their new position, provided you arrange an adequate drop to ensure the easy flow of water. But it will take time and cost money, so weigh up the merits of such a job first.

Likewise, the soiI-pipe for the lavatory which will probably be connected to an outside wall will be expensive to move more than a short distance. What you can do perfectly feasibly - in addition ot course to replacing obsolete or ugly sanitaryware is to move things within the range of the existing plumbing outlets so that the whole room functions that much better. For instance, a bath running along one wall which has a door in it may be very much more comfortable to use running along another which doesn�t - and it can be moved with very little extension ot the water pipes, as shown. Or it may be that a wash basin is set in just the position on a wall which precludes it being built into a vanitory unit because of a door opening, whereas moving it iust two feet along would get rid of this obstacle, as shown.

Minor but vital alterations of this nature can make a considerable difference to the comfort of a room.

Size variations

There is little point in going into long descriptions of the size ranges of the different pieces of equipment, for the variations are considerable and whatever your require- ment you will almost certainly find something to fit it. Remember, too, that replacing bulky sanitaryware with streamlined pieces of smaller dimensions will not only make the room look bigger, but will release a gratifying amount of actual space. Here is a rough guide to some of the main dimensions. A bath can be as small as 3 ft 6in in length (1050 mm), but this is the sits two-level bath in which you sit upright and will not appeal to those who like to recline full- length. More conventional models vary in length from 4 ft 6 in (1370 mm) to 6 ft (1328 mm), but in addition there are wedge-shaped baths to fit into a corner, circular ones to set in the centre of a large room, and others as mentioned on page 85. Wash bowls too vary enormously in both inner and outer dimensions, and the differing shapes which manufacturers have contrived for this simple artefact can only be regarded with awe and admiration.

There are some, really only suitable for handwashing in a cloakroom, which project no more than 6 in (i52 mm) into the room, part of the bowl being recessed into the wall, whilst other luxurious models with wide surrounds project as much as 23 in (590 mm); with every conceivable shape and dimension in between. Shower trays start at a minimum 30 in (750 mm) square, but there are many larger ones, and one particularly spacious ready-made circular shower compartment which is 6 ft 6 in (2 m) in diameter. It is worth mentioning here a device which has immensely glamorous connotations.

This is the sunken bath. Now this bath has to have somewhere to sink to, and in most modern houses it cannot be considered unless you build a dais and sink it into that. But in older houses with high rooms and older bathrooms cabinets, or possibly in a new and specially designed extension, there may be room within the intertloor space. You will need something like 2 tt (609 mm) to accommodate the underside ot the bath, but it you are building a false lowered ceiling into a very high room below, this could work well. One architect of impeccably tidy habits, irritated by the scales which cluttered her bathroom, sank those into the floor too. They looked very appealing emerging frem the closely carpeted floor.