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Quick fixes for bathroom storage solutions

Quick fixes for bathroom storage solutions

If well looked after, quality fixtures will last a lifetime. lf the plumbing is adequate and the layout practical, it is worth keeping the bathroom basics and improving less attractive features. Look out for fittings and taps that are showing signs of wear replacing them is a relatively quick, easy, and inexpensive project. Buy matching soap dishes and brush holders for a fully coordinated style. A dated colour scheme for the bathroom storage is easily rectified, especially if the fixtures are white or cream, as they blend with any decorating scheme. If you have a dark or patterned suite, however, make sure the new flooring or a detail in the new fabric or wallcovering picks out the colour, to make the essential coordinating link. Try to avoid too much pattern as this looks overpowering and makes small bathrooms appear cramped. Take a good look at less obvious features such as the tub surround and the storage facilities. Painting the tub surround a new colour will transform the room, or try mosaic tiles or a decorative wooden moulding for a completely new look. Wooden shelving and cabinets are quick to repaint or can be replaced with attractive door fronts.

Updating surfaces

Surfaces including tiled walls, flooring, and ceilings are the largest I blocks of uninterrupted space to update, and when discoloured or worn, are very noticeable. Tiles can lose their shine and look dull, though discoloured grout is worse, looking both unsightly and unhygienic. Replacing grout is simple and may be all that is necessary. It is possible to tile over existing tiles and if you are in a hurry it is quicker and less messy, but remember the new tiled surface will stand out further. Replace worn carpet or vinyl but do not lay the new over the old as it will look uneven and undermine your "restyled" bathroom. A new bathmat or rug to match your colour scheme will update a plain floor in an instant.

Bathroom storage requirements vary according to how many people use the room and how much you wish to reveal or conceal. Apart from bulkier items, such as towels and spare toilet rolls, most toiletries and cosmetics are relatively small so it makes sense to buy a storage unit with small compartments or narrow shelves. Items made from plastic and ceramic are inexpensive and widely used for bathroom storage since they stand up well in damp conditions. Other low-cost materials include rattan, wicker, and hardwoods, which give good service and create a natural-looking bathroom storage. There is a wide range of colourful paint and hi-tech metallic finishes available for modern bathrooms, or you may opt for a more casual approach with linen drawstring cosmetic and laundry bags.

Making space

Quick - fix ideas should be ready to use the moment the bathroom storage is unpacke so that they can be put into service with the minimum of effort. Before you buy, however, take a good look around your bathroom and see what needs to be cleared away and how much space you have to play with. Accurately measure and jot down the dimensions of countertops and windowsills as well as wall and floor spaces where shelves could be hung or stood. Refer to the measurements of your bathroom storage when you go shopping so that you can be certain that the products you choose will fit in the available space. When planning, remember to allow room for movement to prevent the bathroom from feeling cramped.