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Public kitchens

Nowadays, the distinctive style of kitchens in public places such as large restaurants is being imitated in many domestic settings. These are roomy, practical, well-thought-out spaces in which spatial distribution is centred on the activities of preparing and cooking meals. Stainless steel is usually employed in this type of kitchen, as it may be cleaned easily and is highly resistant to water vapour and grease.

The majority of industrial kitchens are manufactured exclusively with this material. These designs have been adopted primarily in private homes where the culinary art figures largely. Increasingly, companies are manufacturing stainless steel cabinets, countertops, and hoods to match a gamut of up-to-date domestic appliances, sinks, and decorative elements. As a general rule, domestic appliances in this type of kitchen have a professional appearance and are of stainless steel to match the rest of the kitchen. Contemporary industrial kitchens follow avant-garde guidelines in which the space dedicated to cooking opens up to the other rooms.

The tendency is to leave the work zone open to view and not relegate it to a secondary status. Some industrial kitchens, therefore, open to the restaurant with the aim of incorporating the preparation and enjoyment of meals in the same space. These kitchens incorporate refined designs with state-of-the-art materials that resist heat and chemical products. They are large, well-defined spaces with ample light. Distinct points of light in each zone allow one to work comfortably.