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Planning with new bathroom cabinets

Planning with new bathroom cabinets

Bathrooms are often small rooms. Not all, of course. Some people can revel in the luxurious space of a room in an old house which has been converted to make a bathroom, and there is even the occasional modern house or flat where an unwanted amount of square footage has been lavished on the bathroom. But generally, they come last in the pecking order when space is being allocated, and quite often they are tiny to the point of pokiness. They should, therefore, be extremely carefully planned to make the best possible use of the area which is available, not only from a visual and comfort point of view but also so that plumbing, which is expensive like all specialist trades, can be done as economically as possible. Two types of job are likely to be tackled. First, there is the conversion or updating of an existing bathroom. Second, the building of an extension to make a new bathroom, or the conversion of another room in the house into a bathroom. In either case, take note of the recommendations concerning building regulations and planning approval contained in the introductory section of this website, to see when they are applicable.

Replanning an existing bathroom using bathroom cabinets

This type of room probably needs the most careful consideration before you start work. To begin with, what in the way of existing equipment should you keep, and what abandon? Think long and hard if what you are about to pull apart is a real period bathroom, complete with huge bath, wide wash bowl and old-fashioned bathrooms cabinets. Do not leave them out with reckless abandon, for you will never see their like again. And unless they are cracked and chipped beyond repair, the bath can probably be resurfaced and the taps chromed or if they are brass, buffed up.

It may be that all that is really necessary is a paint and paper job, boosted by new tiles and bathroom cabinets. And even the most ordinary little bathroom, a slot with plain equipment but where there is no need (or perhaps money) for total reorganisation, can be pleasantly updated using much of the existing equipment but with the addition of new taps and accessories, paint and possibly a smart new vanity unit and bowl. In other words, consider your assets well before deciding to dispense with them regardless.