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Planning the space right in your bathroom

Planning the space right in your bathroom

Take professional advice before planning a bathroom. Take into account local water regulations, existing plumbing facilities and the construction of your house.

Draw out the area on graph paper and study how best to divide up the bathroom for different tasks. Look at the options of various 'dividers' such as double or sliding doors, archways, curtains and changes in floor level.

Ensure that space is available not only to accommodate your chosen fittings but also to move them into position. For example, a heavy cast-iron bath is awkward to manoeuvre. If the staircase is too narrow, could the bath be winched up and brought in through a window? Will the floor take the strain once the bath is full of water?

Be realistic about the possibility of future plumbing problems and allow for access to potential trouble spots such as the shower pump and boxed- in toilet cisterns, Fit removable panels instead of sealing these utilities in behind fixed walls.

Build in utilities such as good heating, ventilation and lighting, They are vital to ensure that the bathroom both looks good and works efficiently.