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Planning the perfect bedroom dressing area

Planning the perfect bedroom dressing area

Many fitted bedroom ranges include a dressing table which can stand on its own or slot into place between other elements, giving the whole room a co-ordinated feel. A freestanding chest of drawers, whether modern or antique, can easily double as a dressing tableressing table if a mirror is placed on top. The only real disadvantage is that, without a knee-hole, sitting down to use the mirror is less comfortable. Choose a chest of drawers which is high enough to use the mirror when standing.

A dressing table can be practical a place for making up, doing your hair and storing cosmetics and jewellery, as well as hairdryers, heated rollers and other similar equipment. On the otnt. On the other hand, a dressing table can be more frivolous. As well as displaying scent bottles and elegant hair brushes, the table itself can add atmosphere and character to a bedroom. So it's a good idea to start by askingart by asking yourself why you want a dressing table, and what sort of look you want to achieve. Then you can look around at the many types available in order to choose one which suits you, your lifestyle and your bedroom.

Setting the style

The traditional kidney-shaped dressing table, often with a flounced fabric covering, is both elegant and practical. The curved shape allows a chair to be tucked neatly away; the fabric cover can usually be parted in the arted in the centre for access to drawers.


Lighting a dressing table and mirror is notoriously difficulusly difficult. Daylight is best for making up and so many people place people place their dressing table near a window. A pair of lamps, either standing on the dressing table or fixed to the wall at roughly eye level, will cast balanced artificial ligrtificial light. Avoid coloured lampshades which distort the light. A single fluorescent strip above a dressing table casts shadows; it's better to opt for two strips, one on each side of the mirror. Choose 'colour corrected' fluorescent tubes. Hollywood-style lighting, with bulbs encircling the mirror, gives strong clear light.

The mirror should be close enough to use comfortably a small extra mirror attached to an extendable arm is useful. According to the experts, eye make-up is best applied looking doed looking down into a hand mirror laid on a flat surface.


Plenty of drawers and shelves will prevent your dressing table from degenerating into a junk store. A cutlery divider will keep cr will keep cosmetics neat and tidy. And if you plan to use any electrical gadgets hairdryers, heated rollers and so on place the dressing table near a power point so that flexes don't trail across the floor.