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Planning for the smaller bedroom

Planning for the smaller bedroom

In a small bedroom, storage space is at a premium and so is floor space. The best solution is one that looks good, works well and gives you room to relax. Before committing yourself to new furniture, work out a budget There's no point in spending a fortune on getting every last detail perfect in an elaborate fitted wardrobe if you plan to move in a couple of years. Remember that improvements like these may not necessarily always add their full value of your property.

Whatever type of furniture you choose, plan it carefully so that you end up with the best combination of hanging and shelf space.

Equally important is to make sure that the style of storage is in keepingwith the character of the room itself. Think about the design, finish and colour, not forgetting final touches such as knobs and handles that can affect the whole look.

In an older building, the room may still have many of its original features. If the picture rail and ceiling mouldings are in good condition, it would be a pity to cover them with fitted cupboards. Of course, you may have to, in which case, matching up the lines of these features with the wardrobe doors will help to preserve the room's character. Bedroom storage isn't just about wardrobes, of course. There may be odd corners that can be used for extra drawers or shelves.

The space underneath the bed is often wasted consider a drawer divanbase, or a free-standing drawer unit that slides under for packing away winter blankets or summer clothes that would take up precious space in a wardrobe. Free-standing This is the most flexible option. It is a positive advantage to be able to move things around if you feel like a change. And, of course, you can always take it all with you when you move. The disadvantage is that freestanding furniture tends to take up more room than built-in cupboards.

With free-standing furniture, make sure you give the room a sense of unity. Choose second-hand pieces made of the same type of wood, for example, or items from one of the many ranges of modern bedroom storage units that are designed to mix and match.

If you find yourself with a rather unrelated mixture of pieces, painting them all the same colour will help to achieve a unified look.

Built-in For a really neat look that mmaximizes storage space while taking up minimum room, it's hard to beat built-in, wall-to-wall wardrobes. .

Ranging from simple shelf and rail arrangements to versatile modular units. and very sophisticated systems of shelves, drawers, hanging rails and compartments, fitted wardrobes come in a wide variety of styles.

There are many off-the-peg systems available, or doors and rails can be bought from a DIY supplier, ready to fit yourself. Alternatively, you could get a carpenter to build in the wardrobes for you this is a particularly good solution for an awkward-shaped room.