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Planning an eating area in your kitchen

Planning an eating area in your kitchen

Unless you have an exceptionally small kitchen, try to include an eating area in your plan because a table is a linchpin for a sociable kitchen. Above all, it is the gathering place where members of the family and friends naturally congregate. For this reason, the table should occupy the most comfortable space in the room and have at its disposal the best source of natural light, or a window view.

Built in tables

With careful planning, a small table where you can enjoy breakfast or a light supper can usually be accommodated in even the most compact of kitchens. lt can also function as an extra work surface or a "parking" space for pans in transit.

Fold up tables and chairs

A fold-away table can offer an inexpensive solution for those who wish to eat in the kitchen but do not have space for a permanent fixture. However, these tables can be unstable and make eating cramped.

Folding chairs

Lightweight chairs can be folded away when not in use.

Breakfast bar

Wrapped around the cooking zone of an island hob, a granite breakfast bar offers a spacious, horseshoe - shaped table for informal meals.

Awkward corner table

A custom - made triangular table makes imaginative use of an awkward corner. By creating a deep shape, there is enough room for two place settings to sit comfortably without over-cluttering the table top.


The space allocated for a kitchen table is usually that which is left over once all the other fixtures and fittings have been placed. Try to keep the position of the table in mind when starting your design.

The aspect of the table is very important. Consider the best source of natural light and ensure the site is draught-free and warm, especially in winter.

Try to plan a cupboard near to the table for storing breakfast materials, table linen, china, glasses, cutlery, and any other table-laying equipment.

lf you have children, the kitchen table becomes a centre for homework, painting, and other table-top activities. If you opt for a wooden kitchen table, choose one with an oiled rather than lacquered finish as it will be much more hardwearing.