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Paramount Bedrooms - Baby Nursery Furniture - Buy Online

Paramount Bedrooms - Baby Nursery Furniture - Buy Online

It isn't essential for a very new baby to have its own room and nursery furniture, but after the first few weeks most people prefer to give him or her a separate nursery with nursery furniture. This is best positioned close to the parents' room and away from the noise of the main living areas. A baby alarm in the kitchen or living room is a great help if you want to make sure the baby is sleeping without having to race up and down stairs.

People are inclined to think that a baby needs only a very small room, but your baby will not stay tiny for very long. The nursery furniture needs to be adaptable to baby changing needs, and nursery furniture and storage should be flexible. Miniature nursery furniture may seem irresistible at first but is soon outgrown. A cot that can be converted into a bed, or a wardrobe with adjustable hanging rails for different sized garments is much more useful.


Plain colours or small print patterns for walls won't lose their appeal as quickly as special nursery furniture with pattern that will be branded childish in a few years. Cushioned vinyl or cork flooring is warm to the touch, quiet to tiptoe across and easy to clean, and baby seem to prefer to crawl on a shiny surface.

Visual stimulus

Babies are fascinated by colourful things and objects that move. 'you could make a mobile to hang over the cot, or hang pictures in view of it - change them and your nursery furniture regularly to make the display more interesting.


This comfortable nursery has space for an armchair and has plenty of nursery furniture storage fitted into a wide alcove. There 15 room for a baby highchair and baby playpen and there is also lots of crawling space. The low cupboard can be turned into a toy store later.

baby nursery furniture


A crib, moses nursery furniture basket or removable carry-cot is cosier than a full-sized cot for a tiny baby. A moses basket or carry-cot is easy to carry and can be placed inside the big cot for convenience. This will also help to get the baby used to its future surroundings.

When buying a cot, choose a reliable nursery furniture make from a shop with a good reputation. Check its stability and make sure the dropside mechanism is safe and can't be worked by a toddler. A cot with an adjustable mattress position is a good idea. When the baby is very small, the cradle can be placed on the mattress at high level, saving parents' backache. Later on, the mattress can be lowered to prevent an active toddler from climbing out over the sides.

Once out of bed, small baby like to be propped up to see the world. A bouncing cradle or moulded plastic nursery furniture recliner with padded interior does this job well.

Parents spend a lot of time in a baby's room so, if there's space, add a comfortable old armchair.


You need a surface at waist height for nappy changing, with nursery furniture storage to hand for all the essentials such as pins, powder and creams. There are purpose-made units available or use a changing mat on a table or chest, with a box or plastic cutlery tray close by for all the bits and pieces.


For such small people, baby have a vast quantity of possessions. You need well-planned nursery furniture storage to stop the nursery, and indeed the whole house, becoming cluttered.