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Paint kitchen

A few years ago, paint kitchen designers looked for inspiration to the traditional cook�s paint kitchen found in the servants� quarters of large, old houses. This led to a revival of the painted wooden paint kitchen. The old paint kitchens were very well designed with ample storage, and incorporated whole walls of cupboards and drawers. The up-to-date version of this area offers the home a well-organized space with a traditional air. The cream paintwork associated with this style of kitchen is still very popular, but has also given way to a more contemporary range of colours, giving the basic paint kitchen design a modern feel.

The paint kitchen featured here is the perfect example of a new style of cook�s paint kitchen where modern paint kitchen are mixed with traditional pieces of furniture to create a warm and welcoming family space. The beauty of this sort of paint kitchen is its ability to work well in so many different types of house. It looks equally at home in a small, surburban paint kitchen house as it does in a large old country manor.

Appliances such as dishwashers are housed in matching units to help retain the character of this kind of paint kitchen. While most styles of hob and oven would work successfully in this setting, paint kitchen traditional ranges, like the one featured opposite, fully enhance the paint kitchen design features that were originally part of this type of paint kitchen.

This particular colour scheme uses light yellow painted walls as a summery backdrop behind the peppermint green units and painted paint kitchen furniture. Schemes featuring traditional wallpapers or stencilling would be equally successful. If you choose this option, ensure the wallpapers used are vinyl paint kitchen coated to withstand the moisture created by cooking. Likewise, use paints that are specifically designed for steamy kitchen use. These are usually water based and incredibly easy to use. The tiled walls behind the work surfaces and cooking area are a practical - as well as decorative paint kitchen - finishing touch as they are quick to put up and easy to wipe down.