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Over counter units

Over counter units

Wall-mounted cupboards and racks provide storage space over countertops. They can be useful for stationing spices, oils, and wine if placed within reach of the food preparation area. In small kitchens where space is at a premium, over-counter units may be the answer, but in order to function ergonomically, they should sit at eye level. This height can be a problem because the cupboard may block your view of the counter when working, and also pin your head and shoulders back. For this reason, try not to place cupboards above heavily used worktops or the sink cabinet.


Even in very small kitchens where space is precious, the corner area where worktops meet is often neglected. This "dead" space can be turned into a useful storage area if a pull - out mechanism is fitted below counter-level. Alternatively, plan a body-height carousel to fit neatly into a corner space, and bridge the gap that may be left between an eye-level oven and a food preparation worktop.


Rather than having t0 delve inside a dark corner cupboard, the doors of this unit fold back to offer access to its contents. jars, tins, and packets are neatly arranged on four shelves that revolve when nudged. Standing 2m (6ft 2in) high, no effort is required to reach the top shelf.


Contemporary kitchen manufacturers have responded to the challenge of- kitchen storage needs by tailoring units to fit into awkward corners. In this two-part unit. Frequently used non-perishable foods, such as pasta and noodles sit in the front section, while items stored in bulk are kept at the back, and can only be accessed once the front unit has been swung to the side.