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Neutral textures for a kitchen

Neutral textures for a kitchen

This stunning kitchen gives natural products like timber and slate a slick, modern look. The designer has harnessed all the beauty of natural wood, making its colour variation and gaining an important part of the kitchen design. This results in a mellow room with the wood's natural character adding design detail, as opposed to fussy panelling and mouldings, for interest.

The mixing of textures within a room can add as much interest as the cleverest blending of patterns. Here, green-grey slate offers- the room a very practical floor covering that contrasts beautifully with the mellow, smooth texture of the wooden furniture. It also sits very comfortably alongside the simple white walls and fresh, cool qualities of the glass block work partition. All of these products have been chosen to add a variation of texture, and therefore visual enhancement, to the room. The colour palette is limited to neutral tones with shades of muted green -turn the marble work surfaces, cushion covers and checkered slate floor.

Note how the far wall is fully fitted with elegant and streamlined units from floor to ceiling. They keep the lines of the kitchen as simple as possible and also raise the ceiling height in the room. Indeed, simplicity is the key to this room's success and each element relies on its natural beauty to add detail to the room. There are no curtains, and no additional patterns to detract from the character brought by each individual, carefully wide colour range.

This is a kitchen designed for entertaining in style - there is ample storage for drinks, the glasses are within easy reach and the worktops have been specially designed to incorporate a wooden chopping block into the practical and easy-to-clean slate slabs. Chrome appliances and accessories are not just practical and smart - they help to enhance the modern feel of a kitchen. Each of these small details ensures that both entertaining and food preparation are as enjoyable as possible.