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Modern and avante-guard kitchens

Modern and avante-guard kitchens

These are the most up-to-date kitchens, with varied but common design objectives: lightness, ease of use, and accessibility. New kitchens opt for functional elements, making them practical spaces with a rational distribution based on the differentiation of use. There are modules created exclusively for the cooking zone, the work zone, the pantry zone, or the storage area. Each zone may function independently, though all of them should be integrated with the entire kitchen ensemble. There is a wide range of designs on the market: ones with a retro tendency, ones of simple and pure line, or ones of industrial conception.

Each kitchen acquires its own personality, and for this reason contemporary kitchen style incorporates a multitude of alternatives. Some options combine the most innovative materials while others tend toward more traditional materials. While many interior designers opt for light colors and the aesthetic of metallic materials such as stainless steel (which add luster and luminosity to the space), there are those who prefer bolder designs with colors such as red, intense yellow or blue, or dark wood fittings such as wengue.

One of the essential characteristics of the contemporary home is the practicality of its elements. In many cases the kitchen is a kind of living room or an open area with a table that may serve for meals, studying, or work. Large spaces with an area reserved for the utility room or smaller kitchens in which the work area becomes a practical area for breakfasting are only some of the designs available for this room geared towards comfort, where originality is not reined in by merely practical function.