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Minimalist kitchens

Minimalist kitchens

Of pure conception and eclectic style, minimalist kitchens are noteworthy for occupying a single space in original environments without ornamental frills. Their clean and ordered forms constitute a decorative function. This type of kitchen tends to appear in new-style homes such as lofts or small studios in which the kitchen seeks to establish a unifying dialogue with the other areas of the home. They are kitchens of refined design, conceived to be functional while at the same time spectacular.

Sometimes one wall contains all cabinets and kitchen elements thanks to an intelligent arrangement. Other times a single elongated module (island-fashion without separations) includes the kitchen, with all necessities reduced to a minimum of expression. In still another instance the kitchen shares space with the dining room and living room, requiring a rational, well thought-out spatial arrangement. ln homes without walls, the kitchen may be separated from the other rooms by panels of medium height. If the kitchen joins with other environments, furnishings in accord with the general decoration are required: light-toned furniture or dark cabinets to match the living room design are two possibilities.

Some minimalist kitchens adapt to unconventional architectures, taking advantage of difficult angles, narrow corridors, or even sharing the same room with more than one environment. In minimalist kitchens, the selection of contemporary materials for coverings and countertops combines with state-of-the-art domestic appliances to create an environment in which order and functionality are the two essential elements.