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Maximising space for the bathroom furniture

Maximising space for the bathroom furniture

Choosing a modern, compact shower enclosure and bathroom furniture rather than a tub is an obvious solution for providing washing facilities in a small space. However, new short but deep "sit tub" designs can double as a shower basin, allowing you to shower or soak in one small area. The latest back-to-wall and wall-mounted toilets are worth investigating since the false wall behind can be adapted for storage. These toilets have a similar depth to standard models, but the pipework and cistern are hidden, so the room looks neater. Wall-mounted fixtures leave the floor clear, making each item easier to walk around and clean, but bear in mind that they have to be secured to a solid wall. Space above shoulder height is often underused, so plan simple storage for toiletries around the top of the room. Contemporary hanging rack designs can be lowered when required, and innovative fold-down countertop designs will fit over the basin when an extra surface is needed, keeping the small room clutter-free at other times, Remember that the corners of rooms can be used successfully for siting new compact designs of corner basins, tubs, or toilets, which will free up space along an adjacent wall for other items.

Adding selling value

A second bathroom will add value to your home and the money spent adding modern en-suite facilities will improve its desirability if you decide to sell. If your main bathroom is small, however, bear in mind that a home without a tub is less popular with prospective purchasers; it may be advisable to plan a "sit tub" rather than to have just a shower enclosure with bathroom furniture.

Planning: Small bathrooms need to be well ventilated since damp surfaces and humid air allow mould to develop. Site the extractor fan opposite the door so that fresh air will be drawn across the room, gathering stale air as it moves.

Surfaces: To make a small bathroom with bathroom furniture appear larger, keep colours plain and patterns simple. Pale tones are useful for creating a light atmosphere, but, if you prefer something stronger, opt for bright towels and accessories to provide an injection of colour.

Lighting: Choose recessed light fittings such as low-voltage halogen lights: they do not obscure areas in the way that pendant or dome fittings do.

Surfaces: Modern mirror-fronted cabinets will not only conceal everyday toiletries and cosmetics but also reflect light into the room, helping to make a small room feel more spacious.