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Making even large bathrooms look good with bathroom furniture

Making even large bathrooms look good with bathroom furniture

Designing an efficient layout for a large bathroom takes just as much thought as planning a limited space. Each plumbing fixture needs to be carefully placed so that there is space around the item for bending, turning, or reaching. For example, adequate floor space alongside the bath is essential for stepping in and out of the bath. Also plan a towel rail close by so that you can reach for a towel without having to walk across the room with wet, slippery feet.

Dual-purpose bathrooms

A bath is probably the largest item in the bathroom, and other fixtures, such as the toilet, basin, or shower are usually easier to place. Rather than arranging these around the perimeters of a large bathroom, which could look spartan, group items together and then use the extra space to create a relaxation area. ln a large bathroom you can also use an open floor area for keep-fit activities. Alternatively, any extra space could be used for a range of fitted cabinetry which can create a dressing area and storage space for clothes, towels, and household linen.

Room to share

A large bath situated in the centre of the room will become its focal point. Its generous proportions instantly achieve a sense of luxury and it is ideal for sharing with a partner or simply for children to enioy. Consider twin basins for larger bathrooms as they provide a solution to the rush in the morning when one bathroom basin has to be shared by family members for brushing teeth and washing.

Light & calm

To enhance the feeling ot airiness in a large bathroom, use trosted glass panes to filter natural daylight and maintain a degree of privacy. A potted tree will create dappled light by a window. It plumbing work is being undertaken, consider installing a small water feature to aid relaxation. A "movable" screen can be used to separate the toilet or bath trom the home gym or relaxation area.

Lighting: large bathrooms need to be well lit so that areas furthest from the windows can benefit from adequate light. Plan the lighting system at the same time as planning the position of bathroom fixtures so that they are clearly visible and easy to use - even at night.

Planning: even where space permits, a toilet placed in the centre of the room may make you feel on display when you least want to be. Instead, plan the space so that the toilet is situated in a corner or is cleverly screened off.

Plumbing: Family bathrooms with bathroom furniture are often shared with children, so make sure that fittings can be easily reached and that temperature-limiters are fitted to prevent very hot water from scalding younger members of the family.