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Lose yourself in a bathroom oasis

Lose yourself in a bathroom oasis


A whirlpool bath is pleasantly relaxing and may give temporary relief to arthritic or rheumatic joints, but take medical advice before using a whirlpool if you're pregnant or have a kidney complaint. lf you're unsure what you want, some suppliers will let you try out different systems. All whirlpool effects involve electric pumps so for safety's sake consider only specialist equipment and installation. Some pumps make quite a racket so listen before you buy. There are two main systems - the whirlpool jet (such as the Jacuzzi) recirculates bath water mixed with air through outlets on the bath sides. The direction of the jet is adjustable.

With the second system - air or spa baths - air is forced into the water through holes in the base and the backrest of the bath. Whirlpools aren't cheap. lf your bath is in good condition, a whirlpool effect can be added: air can be pumped through specially drilled outlets or forced through holes in a special mat.

Bubble bath

Bathtime is invigorating for children and adults alike with an air bath that gives adjustable degrees of turbulence. Heated air is pumped from small jets in the base of the bath, allowing you either to relax in gently massaging bubbles or submit yourself to energetic pummelling.

Steaming up

After your workout, ease those tired muscles in the comfort of a steam enclosure. As well as a shower head this one has retractable seating, recessed downlighters - and you can even fit moisture-proof loudspeakers and relax to the gentle strains of music.