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Kitchen terminology explained

Kitchen terminology explained

Magic corner pull out system

A magic corner pull out system in a kitchen is a very clever configuration of wire baskets that come towards you as you open the kitchen cupboard door. It gives you easy access to the whole corner cupboard without the need for bending and stretching.

Kitchen carousel system

A carousel system is where a corner unit has 2 wire baskets, supported by a pole that spin round to allow access to all sides without having to reach into a cupboard. Ideal for the elderly as they don't have to bend down to reach the back of a unit. Kitchen carousels come with half and three-quarter baskets.

Lemans pull out system

Good storage eliminates any unnecessary lifting, bending or reaching and Le Mans is the perfect solution. The system brings the shelves out to you when the door is opened in a perfectly controlled and effortless sequence of movements.

Kitchen pan drawers

The pan drawers in a kitchen are the same in principle to the normal drawers except they are much taller. A pan drawer is normally 283mm high compared to the standard height of 140mm.