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Introduction to planning a bathroom

Introduction to planning a bathroom

Whether you are planning a complete bathroom refit or just want to update what you have, this is the boo|< to help you get the best results. Designing and planning bathrooms start off with a chapter on getting the basic planning right, followed by page after page of ideas for bathrooms to suit every taste and pocket.

There`s the fitted bathroom, designed to provide plenty of storage space; new looks for old bathrooms; bathrooms featuring unusual decor or unconventional fittings such as round or period style baths; and super-modern ultra- streamlined bathrooms. Further chapters deal with more specialised bathrooms; fitness bathrooms equipped with whirlpools and saunas; shower rooms; en suite bathrooms; loos and cloakrooms. The bathroom is just the place to indulge a yen for a way out decor which would quickly pull in other rooms.

This section is rich in examples of such fun bathrooms, designed to evoke, for example, a conservatory a ship's cabin, a marble hall, even a gothic cathedral!

However, the practical side is given equal importance. Whatever the decor fantastic, romantic or strictly functional, the materials used must be hardwearing and stand up to water steam and condensation. The further section shows the best materials to use for walls and floors; how to plan creative but practical tiling schemes; and how to box in a bath. Four buyers' guides illustrate the wide range of bath and shower room fittings on the market. Designing and Planning Bathrooms is an essential guide and practical guide for anyone planning to redecorate or refit a bathroom.