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Introduction to bedroom design and planning

Introduction to bedroom design and planning

In the small homes of today, bedrooms need careful planning to be more than just a place to sleep. Storage, leisure pursuits and study must be catered for as well, and working out how to achieve all these aims, especially on a limited budget, is a complex task.

Ou designing and planning bedrooms guide is full of colour photographs showing bedrooms of every conceivable style to suit every member of the family from the new baby to grandma. Starting with a chapter on basic planning where to position the bed, how much storage space to allow, where to install lighting the book progresses to the most difficult part: planning an efficient storage system for clothes and other items in the master bedroom, whether it is the popular built-in type, or consists of individual cupboards and shelves. At the end of the guide there is a buyers' guide illustrating the different kinds of beds, bedding and bedroom furniture on the market, Lighting also has a chapter to itself as it plays such a major role in a multipurpose bedroom.

Also featured are a variety of specialized bedrooms: ones designed to exploit the awkward shapes of an attic; guest bedrooms; nurseries; children's and teenagers' rooms; and bedsits for both young and old. Another useful chapter shows how to build up your ideal master bedroom in easy, affordable stages. Our designing and planning bedrooms guide is full of inspiration for anyone who dreams of the perfect bedroom but doesn't quite know how to achieve it.