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Installing your new toilet into a small upstairs bathroom

Installing your new toilet into a small upstairs bathroom

Installing an additional loo off a bedroom or on a landing is practical when space permits. lf you are planning a bath or shower room en-suite to the main bedroom, take into account the location of the existing plumbing. lt may be more realistic to switch rooms if another, nearby bedroom allows for easier conversion.

Unlike the previous examples, there are no regulations to prevent you from having a toilet leading directly from a bedroom, but some form of sound - proofing is important. The quietest, though most expensive, siphonic flush WC is a good choice, and wood panelling, carpet and acoustic ceiling tiles help to reduce noise levels, both human and mechanical!

While many homes built during the 1930's have an upstairs toilet separate from the bathroom, many recently - built houses do not. lt is, however, often possible to construct a partition wall to separate the WC. If the layout of the bathroom makes it difficult to provide the separate toilet with its own entrance door, consider extending the partition wall only partway along the room. This, at least, provides some privacy if members of the family need to use the bathroom at the same time.