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Installing your new bathroom cabinet

Installing your new bathroom cabinet

You should always try and fit one or more bathroom cabinets into your new bathroom with enough storage to keep things out of reach of children and to keep the bathroom clean.

Most cabinets come with a solid door, which can beuseful to maximize the limited room in a smaller bathroom wall. Mirrored cabinets have been installed over a sink, but you can fit anywhere in your cabinet that is most convenient for you. Wall Cabinets come in all sorts of designs, including lavishly decorated in the old-style, with one or double doors, and others besides, with open shelves for everyday use.

When you buy your new bathroom cabinet make sure that that it is already painted or dyed with the colour that you want. However, if you have one second hand and want to change yourcolour to one that fits the colour scheme you have chosen, you can sand down, prime it and paint with a paint suitable cabinet. When deciding on the best position to his bathroom cabinet, remember that even if the bathroom cabinet itself is dark so that, once full of toiletries will be quite heavy, so it must be well secured to the wall. You must also check that the height of it is good for you If possible, get someone in who may guide you through the fitting process. One of you can have the bathroom cabinet in position while the other controls the height. You must be at the right height for all family members, especially if you have a mirror in front, so make sure it is not too high or low.

His new cabinet will probably come with all the right fixings you need. If the cabinet is flat pack, put together following the instructions carfully. Once you are ready and the doors are attached, look in the back of the box where there should be some pre-drilled holes. Measure the space between them and then using a spirit level to make the markings in the wall where you have to make holes and put in wall outlets.

Then, the position of cabinet on the wall and have someone hold it in place if possible, while tightening the screws into wall sockets. Often, fixing blocks include greater support for the fixtures. Due to limited space, it is generally easier to use a hand screwdriver drill. If you need to fit the shelf in your cabinet, support brackets fit now and the slot on the shelves in If you have not already done, the screws on the door handles.