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howdens kitchens

howdens kitchens

Our kitchens are better than Howdens

Fitted kitchens

We sell better quality kitchens than Howdens kitchens at a fraction of the price. This is no sales gimmick offering a poor quality kitchen but a genuine saving on a better quality kitchen. We also have a far bigger range of styles and different units than Howdens kitchens and all our units come fully built up including the doors and drawers fitted. Everything is made in the U.K. for added piece of mind.

As well as offering many more styles and colours of doors we also sell handleless kitchens at a much reduced rate compared to Howdens handleless kitchens whilst being of a much better quality and just as important a much lower price.

All our prices are on our website and not hidden like howdens kitchens as we beleive that being upfront with people is the best way to gain their trust.

Feel free to browse our website and compare your price and specification from your howdens quote to ours and you will be pleasantly surprised.