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How to plan your bedroom to accept fitted bedroom furniture

How to plan your bedroom to accept fitted bedroom furniture

The best way to start the day is to wake up in comfortable and pleasant surroundings. So although you may spend comparatively little time in your bedroom it is worth making sure that the style is a true reflection of your taste and personality and that it is decorated and furnished to provide a relaxing atmosphere.

But a bedroom is not just a room in which to sleep, there are countless other activities to consider with watching television, listening to music and reading all high on the list. Not forgetting, of course, that it may also be a room for intimacy and mood creationor an escape from the everyday grind, but a bedroom should never be considered as insignificant. Estate agents, in their wisdom, may tell you that the kitchen and the bathroom are the important selling points of a house but the first thing any house buyer considers is the number and the size of the bedrooms. On their literature they will list first the number of bedrooms a property has and then may well try to sacrifice a reception room such as a dining room or study to list it as another bedroom.

bedroom planning

Recognizing how important the bedroom is, and as a bonus to purchasers of new houses, builders, designers and planners are constantly working on the ergonomics of their layouts, trying to maximize what appears to be becoming a smaller floor area. Today the bedroom receives more attention from house designers than any other area of the house, in an effort to reassure their cus- tomers that space is not at a premium and to offer up-to- date solutions to relaxation and storage. They know that getting this area well laid out and balanced is extremely important. And they are not alone.

Bespoke furniture manufacturers, recognizing that design possibilities are endless and knowing how space and storage occupy a high priority in modern house layout considerations and the minds of prospective purchasers, now offer designer bedrooms alongside their designer kitchens. Where space is not at a premium a separate dressing room will prove invaluable if you or your partner have a lot of clothes. Or you may even consider partitioning off part of the bedroom to create a narrow dressing room, leaving plenty of wall space for bedroom furni- ture. Some houses will already have an adjacent dress- ing room, others will have en-suite facilities and these will all add to the overall ambiance of the property provided, that is, that all the other bedrooms are given sim- ilar consideration. Sacrificing a small bedroom to create a dressing room may be practical for personal require- ments but could provide a feeling of space shortage to any future prospective purchasers. Always try to use the space wisely and consider all your options. If possible, visit show homes in your area for layout ideas and to keep abreast of changing trends.

bedroom planning

You may well see the perfect solution to what has become a problem. As the bed is the largest item that the bedroom is going to accommodate, deciding the type and size ofthe bed, and where to put it, is the first task. For some the luxury of a fully draped four poster will be ideal while others may enjoy the mental and physical relaxation of a waterbed. And if the bedroom is for a youngster or a teenager then a single bed or even bunk beds may be appropriate.

If the bedroom is to be furnished with free-standing furniture then bed positions may be easily changed but if it is to be a �fitted� bedroom with built-in furniture then deciding the bed position will be very important. Before ordering expensive built-in bedroom furniture, experiment with the bed or beds in various locations just to ensure that all possible considerations have been taken into account. Where the bedroom is large, furniture can be used to create the style.

Chests of drawers, wardrobes and a dressing table will provide storage space for clothing and cosmetics. An ottoman at the base of the bed can be added for extra storage without taking up too much space. The addition of en-suite facilities will require more specialized planning but will add another dimen- sion to the master bedroom. On the other hand, where space is at a premium, built- in wardrobes with a row of high cupboards creating an alcove for the bed is very popular and there are a multi- tude of designs and manufacturers to choose from. The units may be pre-assembled or flat pack, self-assembly.

Another important bedroom aspect to consider is light- ing. Natural light from a window or windows will be available in every bedroom with the back-up of general lighting from overhead fittings or from wall and table lamps. Together these will help to create the atmosphere you require. For darker rooms where natural light is at a premium, mirrors and colour schemes can provide additional, reflective lighting when positioned correctly.

Light fittings apart, the other electrical fittings servic- ing the bedroom will be power points and possibly an aerial socket. If you like to watch television or listen to music the location of these points may also determine the bed position. On the other hand, you may be a health and fitness follower where room for exercise bicycles or rowing machines may be high on the list of priorities so adequate space must be made available for you to utilize these facilities. All in all, it is fair to say that the bedroom of the mod- ern home is no longer just a place to sleep. It needs to be multifunctional with careful planning given to stor- age while catering for a multitude of leisure pursuits and activities.