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How to paint a bathroom

How to paint a bathroom

The cheapest and easiest way to decorate bathroom walls is to paint them with an oil based paint, either eggshell or silk finish. A gloss is not advisable on walls as it tends to highlight the effects of condensation, can cause glare, and shows up imperfections on uneven wall surfaces. The emulsion is easy to apply and is a good disguise of surface defects but is not so easy to wash. Traditional paint effects such as sponging, rag rolling and marbling work well in bathrooms.

The durable coloured glazes used in many of these techniques make them particularly suitable for steamy environments.


Glazed ceramic wall tiles are the most practical work surface of all and can be used from floor to ceiling, up to dado rail height, or just around splash areas. Tiling a whole room can be costly, but it is a once on|y investment that is usually worthwhile in terms of durability, The variety of patterns, sizes, colours and textures available has largely dispelled the cold and clinical image of tiles, and there are prices to suit most pockets. Tiling a bathroom is a straight- forward job and if you are a DIY enthusiast, one that you can do yourself.


Whatever style you are aiming for in a bathroom, the finishing touches can make or mar the effect. To avoid a bitty feel, look for co-ordinated accessories to complement the fittings and decor. Combined with a white suite, carefully chosen accessories will themselves help to create the desired look. For example, a wooden clothes horse, a marble-topped washstand, brass taps, and a mahogany toilet seat can set the scene for a Victorian-style bathroom.

Rather than replace a perfectly serviceable suite because you don't like its colour or style, use accessories to transform the look of the room. lf, for example, you have inherited an avocado-coloured suite, your first reaction may be to choose pale green towels and delicate china fittings. Instead, try crisp navy and white accessories and use coral as an accent colour. Similarly, a primrose bathroom can be brought up to date with a two-tone grey scheme: perhaps pale and charcoal grey towels with a striped blind and chrome tooth mug and toilet-roll holder.