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Health bathrooms can heal some ill's

Health bathrooms can heal some ill's

Power showers with a multi - function shower head give a soft or torrent spray or invigorating needle jet. There are also massage shower heads or for all - over action, a special frame gives a series of side jets. A steam shower may be ideal in a spare room or landing space, as a steam-only system doesn't need to be plumbed in unless you want an ordinary shower, too. Shower rooms and enclosures with full plumbing are both also available.


A good-sized home sauna seats four or five; the cabin of a small sauna, seating two, is about 130cm square. As well as bench and headrests, the cabin has a stove - usually electric nowadays, though wood-burners are available - heat retaining rocks, a bucket and ladle, thermometer and light.

Assembly of a sauna kit isn't too arduous. No plumbing is required, but you need a power supply - use a pull cord if the sauna is in a bathroom - and an opening window or extractor fan. Let a cold shower substitute for the traditional roll in the snow. Before installing a sauna, have a medical checkup as intense heat can aggravate some conditions. Limit the time you spend in the sauna, initially.

Steam machine

Steam treatment relaxes and refreshes a tired body. This attractive hexagonal cubicle has a seat so you can become steamed up at your leisure. A special unit generates steam at a pre-selected temperature for up to two hours.

Heat treat

A sauna is great for reviving a tired system, and it needs 't take up too much space. This little cabin, custom-built to fit into an ordinary bathroom, uses the bath as a plunge pool so the really hardy can take a bracing cold dip.