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Food preparation

To ensure cooking is enjoyable, the chopping and preparation area needs ample space, a hardwearing worktop, and clever positioning within the room; ensure food and equipment are close at hand, and that you can move with ease to the cooking zone and sink cabinet. To make the task more pleasant, plan an area where you have a view outside, natural light, or you can talk to family or friends at the same time.


Fixed unit or wall-based preparation areas are an effective way to maximise the limited space on offer in small kitchens but are much less sociable because you face the wall rather than another person when working. For maximum efficiency, arrange all the equipment used in food preparation, such as knives, adjacent to the activity area. If countertops are especially deep, consider having an appliance "garage" at the back for storing equipment close at hand.


1)Chopping is the primary activity in food preparation. A good chopping surface is essential, so consider buying a built-in end-grain block - where the wood is turned on its end and glued together.

2)Arrange the preparation area so that you are close to the sink for rinsing fresh foods, or have a small vegetable sink fitted into the preparation worktop, to save journeys across the kitchen.

3)Plan enough worktop space next to the food preparation area to park ingredients taken out of the fridge or larder.

4)Remember that the surface adjacent to the hob must be fire-retardant and also heat - resistant so that hot pans can be put down without damaging the surrounding worktop.