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First Rules of Kitchen Design

First Rules of Kitchen Design

The best way to start planning a kitchen design is to consider the position of the basics, kitchen equipment, sink and refrigerator. The formula for working space safe and comfortable among these elements may take the form of a continuous line or a closely related "work triangle".

This sequence of work should be limited to a distance of 5-7m (approximately 16-23 feet) and remember that you must include enough storage space for materials and utensils used for preparing and cooking food. Even if you only intend to make tea in her kitchen, still must examine the relationship in the space allotted between the water heater, water, tea and sugar, glasses and fridge.

Ultimately, however, his choice of "work triangle can be determined by the size and shape of your current kitchen and if you do not like that.

In line design, which includes a wall with a run of at least 3m and no more than 6 m (about 10-19ft), which are interspersed with kitchen sink and countertop, is probably the only answer for long , narrow rooms. One wall of a studio apartment would also be ideal as it can hide the kitchen when not in use - behind hinged, folding doors or a long, sectioned screen.

With its original design to board ships, yachts and smaller, the kitchen, the kitchen has been adopted in the domestic interior design and is ideal for small kitchens where every inch is crucial. Counters run along two parallel walls with a sink and stove, on the one hand, with an area of work between them and the food preparation area and a refrigerator in the other. The sequence is quite flexible, of course, even if limited space between elements. The corridor between the two counters should be approximately 1. 4 m (4 feet) wide for easy access to cabinets and drawers under the counter.

A design of the island is very traditional, reminiscent of the kitchen or the great country house "under the basement stairs" of the large houses, where the central table is also a serious work surface for rolling pastry , icing dozens of freshly baked cakes, or shelling peas cube. It remains the preferred choice for many serious cooks who want a lot of work surfaces. The other central workstation can even include a small sink for vegetable preparation, and even cooking, although this would require an exhaust also. It could also include a space that houses the more social side of the features of the kitchen: everyone is always prepared - like magnets - where the chef is busy working and a kitchen island is an ideal solution if your family or friends like to congregate to talk and eat together.

In U-shaped designs of the work triangle works two or three walls, an arrangement that works equally well in either small or large room. Note, however, that, however your spacious room, the triangle still has to be confined within the optimum period. If you want to combine both alternatives with a dining area, which can often work well, will the position of the table with care to give a feeling of space and ease, making sure not to interrupt or block the work area with unnecessary obstacles.