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Finding a bathroom cabinets style that suits you may be one of the hardest decisions

Finding a bathroom cabinets style that suits you may be one of the hardest decisions

Once you have accurately mapped out your room you will have all the relevant information to work out the best arrangement for your chosen elements. Manufacturers' brochures usually supply exact dimensions of their products, allowing you to draw them to scale on your plans. Try out several configurations to assess the advantages and disadvantages of each before finalising your plan.

Planning storage

All bathrooms, no matter what their size, require some form of bathroom furniture. If floor space is taken up with fixtures, look at the wall elevations to see if there is space for wall cabinets or shelving. Storage above waist-level will not interfere with access to the bathtub, basin, or toilet. Plan the position of wall-fitted storage so that doors and open shelves are within arm's reach. Graduated shelf units where the narrowest shelf sits at shoulder-level and the widest shelf is above head-height will prevent the room from feeling cramped. Alternatively, "soft storage" such as coordinated drawstring bags hung from a peg rail will keep the floor clear, look attractive, and hold essentials where they can be easily located. Other "hidden" space can be found between the curved side of the tub and the panel that conceals the bath supports and pipework. lt may be worth replacing the panel with shallow shelving, to provide a niche for storing away everyday toiletries and accessories.

Planning for comfort

Before you start work, check that you have arrived at a well-planned bathroom furniture design. Make sure that the new bathroom is comfortable to use and that each bathroom fitting and fixture will be easy to access. Look at the position of the items in relation to one another and imagine what it would be like to move around the room; from the toilet to the basin or from the bathtub to the storage area where the towels are kept.

Bathroom types

Consider the type of bathroom you wish to design, and select fixtures and fittings to suit your needs. Specialised enclosures, tubs, and toilets can be found to fit true most difficult space but remember, large bathrooms require just es much planning for ergonomic success as a small or awkwardly shaped room.