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Eye level ovens and what to look out for

Eye level ovens and what to look out for

Easier and safer to load than below-counter ovens, an eye-level appliance has a simple pull-down oven door. The dish is placed inside Without the extra effort of bending down, and you can Watch your food as it cooks. If you enjoy catering for large numbers of people, a second oven for warming plates, grilling, or microwaving may be advantageous.


For those who favour healthy fat- free cooking techniques, a steam oven is the modern-day pressure cooker. By cooking foods such as fresh vegetables and fish in steam, the moisture is retained. Combine a steam oven with a multifunctional electric oven to cover all options.


For keen cooks who enjoy baking, roasting, and grilling, a double oven combined with a separate worktop-mounted hob is perhaps the answer. Opt for a solidly built appliance with easy to interpret controls and fold-down doors that serve as resting platforms for hot dishes entering or leaving the oven.


For people with busy schedules, a microwave and electric oven may be the most useful combination. If cooking is really not your priority, install a dishwasher in the cabinet below the microwave instead of an oven, to save on time spent in the kitchen washing-up.


Decide whether an oven at eye level is a priority. Bear in mind that a separate oven and hob, although convenient, may work out more expensive.

If you want to fit a powerful, outdoor extractor motor, ensure the oven and hob set against an outside wall.

Check whether your floor is solid and can take the weight of a heavy stove.

If you wish to turn off your Aga during the summer, provide a backup oven and hob.