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Equipped for exercise in the bathroom

Equipped for exercise in the bathroom

For a general programme to increase well - being, aim for a balance of three main elements: aerobic exercise such as cycling, rowing or jogging; body toning - spot exercising of one specific area, perhaps with weights; and relaxation!

Water treatment - a whirlpool bath, steam shower or sauna. Draw up a realistic timetable for your routine, and stick to it - the most elaborate and expensive gear won't get you in good shape if it's hardly touched. To find exercise apparatus to suit your needs and the available space, shop around and try out as much as you can. Allow plenty of activity space in your initial calculations, and consider where apparatus will be stored so that it doesn`t get in the way.

Home fitness manufacturers are aware of space constraints in the average bathroom: there are plenty of fold-away and wall - mounted systems on the market. Equipment ranges from a complete workout system for serious exercise to a folding bike in a corner of the room. For the enthusiast without much space, a multi - trainer with bench and wall bars adapts for a variety of exercises and stacks against a wall after the workout. If you shudder at the thought of anything rigorous, like an abdominal crunch press, why not spring into shape with one of the jolliest ideas on the market - a mini-trampoline, or re - bounder, on which you develop a nice rhythm while bouncing or skipping.

More conventional, and the most popular home exercise machine, is an exercise bike: some convert to a rowing action. Look for a bike with enclosed drive chain and smooth, quiet operation. On some, the resistance can be increased for more strenuous exercise. Fit a book clamp and catch up with some reading while you pedal your way to fitness.

Activity bathroom

The facilities of a centre can be combined with the pleasures of a luxury bathroom: there's a whirlpool to refresh the spirit and ease tired muscles after exercising. A special storage panel on the bath holds weights or toiletries, and there's even a shelf for your waterproof battery-operated personal stereo. Space - saving idea is the massage/sun deck that fo/ds flat against the wall to give access to the bath. The solarium canopy over the bath is raised and lowered at the touch of a button and stored near the ceiling. Always wear goggles, and follow manufacturers instructions, when using a solarium.