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Eliminating condensation in bathrooms

Eliminating condensation in bathrooms

Condensation has become a bugbear of modern living. It results from our methods of building, our methods of heating and our social habits, and it can only be dealt with by intelligent design and living habits. As everyone knows, the bathroom is probably one of the most vulnerable rooms in the house. In the old-fashioned bathroom condensation did not matter very much, but as soon as more luxurious arrangements are provided, trouble is likely. For example, the incorporation of a dressing area with clothes storage can lead, at the worst, to damp, mouldy conditions in the hanging space due to cold wall surfaces and lack of ventilation.

Warm-air heating systems frequently do not help the problem, particularly with draught excluders on doors and windows and no open fireplaces. As far as the bathroom is concerned it is advisable to have some permanent background heat, very good ventilation, and surfaces and materials that do not suffer from intermittent moisture. condensation Emulsion paint, wallpaper, some curtain fabrics and carpets deteriorate with excessive condensation, while tiles, mosaic, treated timber, gloss paint and vinyl wall coverings are all fairly robust in this context. An extractor fan can be invaluable under extreme conditions, but remember that domestic fans are frequently noisy in use and can be extremely irritating.